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Fidel-IT offers its translation and proofreading services
from English and German into French.

Fidel-IT works for instance on subjects like medicine, pharmaceutics, environment, IT, marketing and fashion.

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About Fidel-IT

Fidel-IT is a well-considered project whose goals are to manage new projects and develop different skills.

In 2008, after 4 years working in the translation industry, Roxane Delepierre wants to become a part-time freelance translator. She creates Fidel-IT.

In 2010, Roxane Delepierre becomes a full-time freelance translator. 


In October 2011, Fidel-IT becomes Fidel-IT SCS.

How can I help you?

Need for a translation for a website, a text, a scenario or another written document?
Apply for a free quote.

Whatever the subject, Fidel-IT offers translation services tailored to your needs. Fidel-IT supports many file formats thanks to different softwares (SDL Trados, Wordfast Pro...).


Your document was translated and you would like to check its quality?
Fidel-IT also offers its proofreading services that stick to your needs.



Always sticks to your style!

A good translation is done by a trained professional. Its work is to deliver a message and a style from a foreign language to its mother tongue in a clear and accurate manner. The translator also adapts its text to the customer's specific needs (style, terminology) to offer an accurate text that "doesn't look like a translation".

Contrary to popular wisdom, translation is not about opening a dictionary and rewrite a text in your mother tongue. The translator makes some researches on the subject and then adapts its text to the target audience.


Source languages:

  • English

  • German


Target language:

  • French



  • medicine

  • environment

  • IT

  • localization (software and website translation)

  • marketing

  • economics


To meet its clients' needs, Fidel-IT uses different translation softwares, such as SDL Trados, Idiom, Wordfast... Fidel-IT can support most of the file formats.

More info about our translation services?



It's all about quality!

Proofreading is part of the translation process; it is the finishing touch. The proofreader reviews the text and implements the changes into the file to provide a top quality work. Based on the source text (the one in the foreign language), the proofreader checks if the terminology that has been used is correct and if the style matches the source's. Therefore researches are needed.

The proofreader always reviews a text in its mother tongue. He or she never proofreads texts in foreign languages. He or she uses the source text (provided to the translator) as basis for the proofreading, and checks the translation accuracy.


Fidel-IT proofreads your documents in French, such as:

  • medicine

  • environment

  • IT

  • localization (software and website translation)

  • marketing

  • economics

More info about our proofreading services?


FREE quote within one business day

If you want to receive a quick and free price estimate, contact us directly and you'll get an answer within one business day!

Roxane Delepierre

Founder, manager & translator



+32(0)479 25 25 48


  • LinkedIn - Gris Cercle

Fidel-IT S.C.S. | BE 0840.840.144


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